Board of Directors...

The Board of Directors is elected each year at the annual meeting. This page lists the current board members. We encourage Signature and Associate members who are interested in serving on the board to notify the president or the vice president of their interest. Board members are expected to attend most monthly meetings, either by Zoom video or in person (if there is an actual in-person meeting).

Tony Visco President
Yale Nicolls Vice President, Social Media
Julie Blanchard Recording Secretary
Dawn Scaltreto Past President, Corresponding Secretary, Awards
Katie Sluder Treasurer
Joan Griswold CFO
Diane Dubreuil Signature Member Chair
Frances Schreiber New Signature Member Chair
EJ Barnes Associate Member Chair
Robert Mesrop Gallery Committee
Deborah Miller Master List Chair
Wendy Hale Past President, Gallery Committee
Richard Sabin Past President, Bio Books
Paul Dudek Archives/Historian
Kristin Stashenko ASMS Co-Chair
Nancy Walton ASMS Co-Chair
Andrew Kusmin Past President


Ann Trainor Domingue Flyers
Nancy Howell Award Calligraphy
Bill Lane Postcards, Prospectuses & Catalogues
Lisa Miceli Brushes With Nature Program Co-chair
Howard Park Brushes With Nature Program Co-chair
Jon Fish Graphics
Debra Petrowski Gallery Receptions
Carol Marshall Electronic Communications
Jennifer Ridder Submissions
Bob Killilea Webmaster